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Our group has developed new Patented 360° Electric Infrared Radiant Heaters. With the recent fluctuations in natural gas/oil prices, you will find that our 360° Electric Infrared Radiant Heaters is a timely, environmental friendly and cost saving alternative for your customers. As we use metallic Incoloy heating elements, your customers do not need to breathe in harmful particles or other discharges from burning gaseous fuel. Our heaters do not emit the bright and glaring visible light as in the case of quartz heating elements and do not emit dangerous gas particles, and can be easily moved indoor or outdoor with the lockable wheels. Free Standing Model and the ceiling mounted Pendant Heater Model are much welcome at gardens, garages, offices, solariums, club houses, restaurants, elderly homes, factories, etc.

Our Group

IPower Products Limited 爱宝科研制品有限公司
IPower Technology Limited爱宝科技有限公司 
China Power Technology Limited华权科技有限公司
IPower LAWCPA Limited 爱以宝有限公司
IPower LAWCPA(G.Z.) Limited 爱以宝(广州)贸易有限公司



Our Founder
Mr. Paul K.C. Chan is the inventor in various patent grants worldwide and has for many years been involved in far-infrared technology and design. His latest products, which are distributed worldwide, include 360 degree free-standing and ceiling-mounted pendant electric far-infrared radiant heaters with remote control, that provide leisure and comfort heating with health benefits in helping to improve blood circulation and body metabolism and to relief pain and discomfort. Incoloy or ceramic-coated metallic heating elements, which produce far-infrared energy, emit very little visible light and do not release any volatile organic compounds or cancer-causing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, are used in these products for safety and durability. Specially designed reflectors and heating elements are also engineered to concentrate the far-infrared energy onto human bodies within specified coaxial irradiation zones, while reducing the far-infrared energy levels outside such zones, to afford safe and environmentally friendly heaters at optimal total energy consumption.


Latest News
Check out the Screenshots below to see IPower Heaters in Action! Deployed to Elderly Homes in Hong Kong. Coming soon to a location near you!

Keep your elderly persons warm whensoever and wheresoever.

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Patent applications have been granted to Worldbest Corporation and to China Power Technology Limited and/or are pending in respect of 360° Electric Infrared Radiant Heater and 360° Electric Infrared Radiant Pendant Heater with Light and Without Light.
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Registered Designs in respect of 360° Electric Infrared Radiant Heater and 360° Electric Infrared Radiant Pendant Heater with Light and Without Light have been registered by Worldbest Corporation and by China Power Technology Limited.